Little Red Writinghood

The Fairytale world of publishing is fascinating, exciting and magical.  It can also be a bit scary if you've never been there before.  Don't worry though, I'm here as your Fairy BookMother to guide you.  


N O V E L   b e g i n n i n g s

was developed as a total introductory package for debut authors taking their first tentative steps into the woods of publishing.  Trust me, I'll make sure you have everything you need in your basket before you get to Grandma's house (& I'll take care of the wolf for free!!).

Package includes;

  • Website

  • Author Facebook Page Header

  • Twitter Header

  • Bespoke Photography

  • Business Cards

  • Individual styling & creative direction

    Please contact me to discuss your individual

    requirements and budget & we will create

    your bespoke plan together.