My name is Nikki and I am a Jackie of all trades!


I have a gift for understanding what it is you're after and making sure it's delivered.  I can make the hugely complex world of brand identity, digital online presence and promotions very simple to understand.  I listen.  I take notice of what you want or need and offer honest opinions and advice on how I can help.  

I will craft an end product that's on time, within budget, and meeting your specific bespoke requirements.

I have created N O V E L  b e g i n n i n g s, and although it is aimed at debut authors, all of my services apply to new & established authors alike. Regardless of budget or size of project; interpretation of your needs and facilitation to ensure they're met, are what I do best. 

I like to keep things simple and speak in plain English so we both know where we stand at any given point along our path together (it's my Yorkshire blood!).


Let me guide you through the woods to find the perfect path for your journey.